7 Energy Saving Ways to Slash Your Electricity Bill

7 Energy Saving Ways to Slash Your Electricity Bill

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, 31 January 2020

Article by

, 31 January 2020
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In the information age of today, usage of electricity has become an integral part of our daily lives. So much so that sometimes we tend to overlook the excessive toll that it takes on our monthly utility bills.

With electricity tariffs rising by an average of 3.5 percent in the first quarter of 2020, concerns over rising costs are going to be more prevalent across Singaporean households, and some of us may look for other alternatives to avoid paying more.

Here are 7 energy saving ways to save on your electricity bill.




1.   LED Lighting over Traditional Fluorescents


LED Lights offer longer lifespan, lower energy consumption and higher cost-savings on electricity bill, as compared to fluorescent lights. The LED Ceiling Lights, with its long lifespan of 35,000 hours and insect tight design, requires almost zero maintenance. It is also able to achieve up to 45% energy savings as compared with the standard fluorescent lights with the same brightness.

Find out how much cost savings you can save by using LED lights over fluorescents.





2.   Automated Lighting with Smart Light Switches and Sensors


Smart Light Switches allows users to control the lights from the wall switch; with features such as dimming, scene scheduling and remote access control,are generally compatible with any existing light fixtures. The Smart Dimmer Switch allows you to control and dim the light as much as the bulb allows. Light dimmers reduce the flow of electricity to the bulb when emitting less light, thus using less energy.

Up the ante with the Smart Motion Sensor, which can be programmed to turn the lights on and off when motion is detected, so that electricity usage is only triggered ‘on-demand’.



3. Minimise Use of Air-conditioning

During the months with cooler weather, you may consider using a rotating stand fan over an air-conditioner, as electric fans generally consume at least 10 times less energy than air-conditioners. Did you know that our 16” Stand Fan uses only 60 watts, as compared to a regular air-conditioner which uses 500-1000 watts?

The 16” Stand Fan features a powerful yet quiet motor that allows wide and strong airflow, which, when circulates air like an air-conditioner (Especially at the end of the year when temperatures fall to 24°C).

Furthermore, its versatility allows you to bring it and use it anywhere in the house, something you cannot do with a centralised air-conditioner. Oh, and it’s easy to clean too.



4. Keep Your Home Cool with Automated Smart Curtains

To complement the reduced usage of air-conditioners try shielding your home from the afternoon heat with a smart curtain. This alternative not only helps saves energy, but enhances the privacy of your home.

The warmest period of the day is usually from 10 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon. A smart curtain allows the user to control and schedule specific moments through the day to draw the curtains– anytime, anywhere from their mobile appliance. As the weather can be unpredictable at times, the smart curtains will be automatically drawn based on the customised scene settings set to your ideal temperature setting.

Watch how the Kyla Smart Curtain can bring comfort and convenience to a satisfied customer.



5. Switch Off Appliances that are Not In Use

Sometimes, due to our hectic lifestyles, people tend to forget the simplest task like turning off the household appliances

Consider using Power Saving Plug that saves energy and reduces your electricity bills. It automatically switches off the appliances that are on ‘standby mode’, which consumes energy even when not in use.

You could also invest in a Smart IR cube – a substitute for all your infrared (IR) remote controllers, which allows you to connect and control the IR enabled appliances, such as the TV, air-conditioner or fans in your home. With a simple touch, you will be able to set schedules and control up to 8,000 different brands of IR appliances.






6. Know and Use Your Kitchen Appliances Right

Cook smart with an Infrared Cooker. When you turn off the cooker, it loses heat slowly and gradually. This means that you can turn it off a few minutes before your food is ready, and still be able to have ample heat to cook it through to your liking.



7. Wire-free home security & monitoring system

The Blink is a battery-powered and wire-free home security camera and monitoring system. With motion detection and alerts, recording is triggered when motion is detected, conserving energy consumption and extending battery life. Compact and highly portable, the Blink camera runs on two AA Lithium batteries, and can potentially last up to 2 years.





Now, by taking the first step towards living a more energy-conscious lifestyle, you will realise substantial cost savings made over a longer term. Not only can you save money, you are protecting the environment through these simple energy saving measures