Smart Light Switches vs. Smart Light Bulbs: Making the Right SWITCH

Posted by Kyla on 14th Jan 2021

Smart Light Switches vs. Smart Light Bulbs: Making the Right SWITCH

With the rise of Smart Home Automation products we have today, upscaling your house into a 2020 smart home has been made very feasible. With lighting being an integral part of any household, achieving smart lighting helps to bring about greater convenience to everyday life.

Smart lighting is achieved by upgrading to either a smart light switch or a smart light bulb, and we’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why you should choose a smart light switch over a smart bulb.

1. Installation has Never Been Easier

A common deterrence for adoption of smart light switches is that smart switch installation can be costly and cumbersome. Most smart switches in the market currently require neutral wiring in their light switch boxes – something that is not available in many of the older homes.

In order for these smart switches to function, home-owners will need re-wiring works (re-laying cables, hacking of walls, etc.) to provision the neutral wires.

The Kyla Gen 2 Smart Light Switch is a revolutionary smart switch that seeks to eliminate the above deterrence.

With a ‘Live’ wire-only design, that eliminates the need for Neutral wires, saving you the cost of additional wiring works and making your smart lighting conversion process simpler than ever. The Kyla Gen 2 Smart Light Switch is a hassle-free, one-to-one ‘plug-and-play’ replacement for your existing light switch.

2. Save Sustainably

Did you know that smart bulbs can’t function if the switch is turned off? Furthermore, smart bulbs consume electricity, even when not in use. Save on your electricity bills and use less energy by using a smart switch, and cut the power to your lights wherever you may be.

Smart switches are more economical in other ways too— for households that use multiple light bulbs in a single scene, enjoying the benefits of smart lighting using smart bulbs would mean having to purchase multiple bulbs. These altogether costs more than using a single smart switch, which in itself is able to control multiple bulbs. 

3. Flex that Flexibility

On top of being able to spend less on your smart lighting, smart switches are highly versatile. The Kyla Smart Switch works with all kinds of light bulbs, and you’ll be able to enjoy smart lighting with the light bulbs you already have.

This means that you would not have to purchase a new set of light bulbs for your new smart switch, and thus, achieving smart lighting becomes more affordable.

4. Integrated Intelligence

The ease of using smart switches to enjoy smart lighting for your home has never been easier. All you need is the Kyla Gen 2 Smart Hub to connect your smart switches to your mobile device, and you will be able to turn your lights on and off from anywhere in the world.

The smart hub is also incredibly versatile— you’ll be able to connect to other Kyla Gen 2 smart home products from the Kyla app. Customise your own light settings any way you like- you can even use a smart motion sensor and with a little programming, you can set your lights to turn on the moment you walk into a room.

When you’re at home and want to control the light setting, you can even do so with your integrated smart assistants. Google Home and Amazon Alexa are compatible with all Kyla smart switches and dimmers.

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