Smart WiFi Plug 101

Posted by Kyla on 14th Jan 2021

Smart WiFi Plug 101

High-tech home doesn’t have to cost a fortune. With smart home integrations, it allows homeowners to control appliances remotely using a smartphone or tablet through an internet connection. It can be set up through wireless or hardwired systems. Most importantly, smart home technology provides homeowners with convenience and cost savings without having to be present.

To get started, we introduce Smart plugs that are an easy and affordable way to upgrade ordinary appliances, lighting, and any other electronics into smart home devices that you can control straight from your smartphone. It is a super quick and easy solution that takes zero technical skills. With just 3 simple steps, you are ready to take control over your entire home!

Whether they’re marketed as smart switches, smart outlets, or any variation thereof, smart plugs are ultimately plug-in outlets. They take a wired home to a new level – just plug directly into a wall outlet or traditional power strip, and have their own outlet you then plug into with the device you want to automate.

You’re not gaining or losing any outlets by plugging one in – you’re simply making an existing outlet smart by connecting it to your home Wi-Fi network. It integrates into your smart home network and let you run small home appliances through the Kyla app, or with voice control on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. You can easily turn devices and transforms them into a part of your smart home network, like a coffee maker, room fan, or table lamp, into a smart device.

Let’s get plugged into our Smart Plug features:

Small and Compact

Easy to fit in narrow corners, behind cabinets, and on extension power strips.

Simple Set Up

Pair the Wi-Fi plug directly to your smartphone via the Kyla App.

Remotely Control

Switch on/off appliances via the Kyla App.

Set Schedules

Program your appliances to switch on/off at specific timings to conserve electricity.

Voice Control

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control command.

1. Wake up to Smart Plugs

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Perhaps you like to listen to the radio, or enjoy a cup of coffee? You might heat up a croissant with butter and jam on it, starting your day off with all three.

Instead of out of bed and risking barely-conscious accident, why not employ smart plugs to switch these on for you?

With one less worry in the morning, you’ll be able to focus on getting yourself ready for the day. The benefits are multiplied if you have a family!

2. Hair Straighteners / Curling Irons

On the subject of getting ready, why not preset your smart plugs to switch on at the optimum time for doing just that?

If using a hair straightener or curling iron to tame your unruly hair is part of your everyday routine, you’d understand the inconveniences of waiting for your hair tool to heat up. Smart plugs can again come to the rescue – use the timer function or the remotely switch on the hair tool via the Kyla app to allow the hair tool to heat up while you’re brushing your teeth or making breakfast.

In addition, have you ever left the house wondering if you left your hair straighteners or curling iron on? Often this results in having to rush back home to check due to the potential risk of a fire starting. With the smart plug, you will be able to check and turn them off remotely via the Kyla app, giving you a peace of mind while you are out.

3. Prepare Dinner While at Work

What other smart plug uses might you take advantage of while at work? How about getting dinner ready?

We recommend using a crock pot or slow cooker (over a microwave) for healthier and tastier meals. Just add the ingredients before you head to work, and program your smart plug to switch off the crock pot in a few hours’ time. You can also switch it on remotely while on the way home from work so the meal will be ready when you get home.

4. With Your Children

Want to take it a step further? You could always plug your router into a smart plug, giving you the power to turn internet access off at any time from your smartphone. Or, you could choose to schedule it so that the internet is only online during set hours.

In addition, some kids need night lights or sound machines at night. It is easy to automate these devices using your smartphone, ensuring you never forget to turn them on before leaving your kid’s room.

5. Air Purifiers

Pollution is a problem in many parts of the world, with airborne particles affecting people’s health or triggering allergies. Air purifiers can keep the air quality in your home at a safe level, and a smart plug can help you automate this process. A simple idea would be to use a smart plug to turn on your air purifier twice per day automatically.

6. Entertainment

Every living room has a TV and/or other entertainment devices such as DVD players, set-top boxes, and sound systems. Usually, all the wiring and plugs are hidden somewhere out of view, and possibly hard to reach.

This creates the temptation to leave these devices always on in standby mode even when they’re not being used. A smart plug removes this temptation, allowing you to turn off these devices easily or automatically when they’re not needed.

Features aside, installation and app design are also major factors. The Wi-Fi plugs we’ve tested are easy to install – you basically just plug them in and connect them to an app on your phone. In just 3 simple steps, your device is ready to go!

1. Download and login to Kyla App from Google Play/App Store.

2. Switch on the power supply.

3. Pair your device through the mobile application.

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