Kyla Gen 1 Smart Combustible Gas Sensor



Product Highlights:
  • Sensitive Concentration Detection
  • An alarm is triggered when the concentration of the combustible gas is beyond the normal range, and a notification will be sent via the app.
  • Detects, Thinks, and Alerts You Immediately
  • Loud buzzing alarm with 75dB and instant app message to remind you to take actions in advance to protect your home and family.

Product Details


The Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Combustible Gas Sensor allows you to safeguard your home and your loved ones from potential health hazards and fires. This functional smart sensor detects potent gases like propane, methane and carbon monoxide. When these potent gases reach harmful levels and trigger the sensor, it sends a real time alert to your smartphone through the Aztech Kyla App (it’s the one in blue) so you can take immediate and effective action. The ultimate form of protection is prevention, and the Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Combustible Gas Sensor keeps you and your loved ones safe all day, every day.

  • Not compatible with Kyla Gen 2 devices or the Kyla app (the one in orange).
  • Requires the Kyla (Gen 1) Smart Home Hub



Product Dimensions 79 x 68 x 31mm
Operating Temperature -10~50°C
Operating Humidity Max 95% RH
Alarm Volume 75dB/m
Working Voltage <1.5W
Wireless Networking Distance ≤ 100m (Open Area)
Alarm Sensitivity 6% LEL ± 3% LEL
Communication Protocol Zigbee HA
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