Smart Home Total Defence with Kyla

Smart Home Total Defence with Kyla

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, 14 February 2020

Article by

, 14 February 2020
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Total Defence Day is a commemoration of our 6 pillars of defence, which keep our country going strong. One of the pillars is Civil Defence, which is defined as “Taking care of our family, friends, and people around us in times of crisis”. With these smart home products, you will always be ready to safeguard you and your loved ones at home.


Like many Singaporeans, Kylie juggles between a professional career and being there for her loved ones. With the Aztech Kyla Smart Home automation series,  she is able to use the Kyla app on her smartphone and protect the ones she loves most, by connecting and controlling the smart home devices in her home.







1. Kyla Smart IP Camera

Kylie keeps a Smart IP Camera in her living room, where she is able to have a good view of the house through the camera lens. Furthermore, she is able to view the footage in high definition from her smart phone. As the camera will alert her via the Kyla app when motion is detected, she is able to leave the house with a peace of mind knowing she can count on the camera to have eyes at home to look after her loved ones.


2. Kyla Smart Emergency Button


Kylie’s ageing mother is not in the best of health and occasionally has to see the doctor for various complications. Having to work means that she cannot always be at home with her mother, and therefore Kylie equipped her with a Smart Emergency Button to strengthen her independence. Kylie’s mother carries it around the house using the keychain hook, and Kylie is immediately alerted via the Kyla app whenever her mother presses the emergency button.

As a result, Kylie is able to effectively manage her mother’s health and prevent any complications by staying up to date and informed.






3. Kyla Smart Motion Detection Sensor


As a passion, Kylie’s mother keeps a collection of porcelain antiques in her home. However, a recent burglary attempt in her neighbourhood left her feeling worried for the safety of her prized belongings. To assure her mother, Kylie then installed a Smart Motion Detector Sensor near her front door that sends an alert to her smart phone when motion is detected. Thus, this assures both her family and their home is as safe as ever.


4. Kyla Smart Door/Window Sensor


Staying in a HDB flat means that Kylie’s bedrooms are found along the corridor of her block. In order to protect the vulnerability and safety of her rooms, she has Smart Door/Window Sensors installed on her windows which trigger alerts on her smartphone whenever the windows are opened. These smart sensors keep her and her loved ones safe and free from any potential intrusions.



5. Kyla Smart Smoke Sensor & Smart Combustible Gas Sensor


If there’s someone who enjoys freshly made breakfast every morning, it’s Kylie. However, as a busy working professional, she finds herself being forgetful of certain things at times. That is why Kylie keeps a Smart Smoke Sensor and a Smart Combustible Gas sensor in her house. These smart sensors allow her to protect her loved ones from fires, caused by mishaps like accidentally leaving the stove on and unattended to.


6. Kyla Smart Curtain Motor

Kylie’s forgetful nature sometimes leaves her forgetting to close the curtains. In a communal living space like HDB estates, people’s houses can be very exposed—very much like Kylie’s own house. Therefore, leaving the curtains open essentially becomes a “welcome” sign for potential burglars. With her Smart Curtain Motor, she’s able to check and close her curtains from the Kyla app on her smartphone.





With these smart home products readily in place, Kylie has never felt so safe at home.

In conjunction with Total Defence Day on 15th February, we are giving 20% off for these selected smart home products!


Do note that all the above Kyla products (except cameras) require the Kyla Smart Zigbee Hub – the control center of the entire smart home system.