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Controls & Switches

Smart Hub

Smart Light Switch

Smart WiFi Plug

Smart Curtains

Smart WiFi Curtains

Smart Lights

Smart WiFi Ceiling Light

Smart Sensors

Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Door and Window Sensor

Controls & Switches

Smart 1 - Gang Light Switch

Smart 2 - Gang Light Switch

Smart 3 - Gang Light Switch

Smart Scene Switch

Smart IR Cube

Smart Wi-Fi Plug

Smart Zigbee Hub

Smart Emergency Button

Smart Bundle

Smart Bundle

Smart Security

Smart Pan Tilt IP Camera

Smart IP Camera

Smart Door Lock

Smart Sensors

Smart Temperature/Humidity Sensor

Smart Water Leakage Sensor

Smart Door/Window Sensor

Smart Smoke Sensor

Smart Motion Sensor

Smart Combustible Gas Sensor

*Not compatible with Kyla Gen 2 devices or the Kyla app


Ceiling Light


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