End-of-Life Policy


This Policy applies to all locations where Aztech’s products are sold and/or distributed.  

Aztech may from time to time decide that some of its products have reached their End-of-Life (“EOL”) for various reasons, such as technological changes rendering the products obsolete or shifts in consumer trends. 


EOL Product List 

If a product is identified as EOL, Aztech will include the product in the EOL Product List. 

Click here to view the EOL Product List. 


EOL Date  

The EOL Date, specified in the EOL Product List, is the date after which the product will no longer be available and the functionality of the product is reduced or completely lost. In such an event, the feature, the app, any links to the internet, server or cloud, or any other services will no longer be available.  

Aztech will not provide support for, repair, or maintain any products included in the EOL Product List after the EOL Date. Aztech will use its best efforts to provide twelve (12) months’ notice of a product’s EOL Date. During the notice period, Aztech will continue to provide support for, repair, or maintain products still under any warranties, if applicable, subject to the terms and conditions in the warranty.   

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