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Smart Station

The Kyla Smart Station is a powerful IR blaster for all Infrared (IR) appliances at home. Compatible with major brands such as Philips, Sony, Samsung, Mitsubishi and more, it allows users to control all connected appliances such as air conditioner, TVs, music player and fan from anywhere through the Kyla app.

  • Universal Remote: Controls all your IR appliances through the Kyla App, such as turning it off and off, and setting temperatures and volumes
  • Real Time Monitoring: To get the most updated data on air quality, temperature and humidity values on the app
  • LED Indicators: To notify status of air quality, temperature and humidity values
  • Easy Set up: Connect the Smart Station to a power point and pair with your smartphone via the Kyla app
  • No Hub required: Connects directly to existing WiFi network
  • Remotely Control: Control, automate, and schedule via the Kyla app on smartphone
  • Scene Control: Set up automation with other IR appliances such as air conditioner to turn on when conditions are met
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All in one control via Kyla App

 Control IR appliances the same way as they would with an ordinary remote control – turning up/down the volume, or changing channels on TV, or adjusting temperature of the air conditioner.


Say goodbye to scrambling over lost remote controls!

Pre-Scheduling Capabilities

Set automatic schedules easily for any appliances that are connected. Through the Kyla app, users can schedule their air conditioner to turn on before they reach home, or schedule the TV to turn on and off at specific timings to limit TV time for their children.

Intelligent Sensors For a Comforting Home

Tracks air quality, temperature and humidity levels at home. You can even programme the air con to turn on when the temperature at home reaches a certain level 

Seamless Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa Compatibility

Automate your appliances with voice commands and watch the magic unfold. 


Input Power DC 5V, 1A, USB-C
Maximum Load 2990W
Operating Temperature 20~70ºC
Connectivity 2.4GHz WiFi
Material Housing PC, White
Product Dimensions W60 x H60 x D20 mm
Certificates FCC, CE, IMDA
Voice Control Compatible with Google Assistant
and Amazon Alexa
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