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Smart Home

Smart Control

  • Control the light switch with a light touch, or the smartphone app remotely from anywhere.
  • Set schedule, automation and timer via the Kyla App
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can turn on/off your light by voice command

Smart Scheduling

  • Converts any regular power socket into a smart one
  • Remotely Control - switch on/off appliances via the Kyla App
  • Program your appliances to switch on/off at specific timings to conserve electricity
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home, you can turn on/off by voice command

Hey Google, turn on all the lights!

Come home to a lit house, or have your smart home set up the ambiance and mood for any occasion.

Automated Home

Our smart home devices are modular and customizable, allowing you to program the automations according to your habit. Need an extra hand on turning the lights on? Our motion sensor can do that. Forgot to switch off the lights? Set a schedule for that.

Small and compact

Small yet smart, our devices are designed to complement any interior aesthetics, while saving space. Our Kyla Smart WiFi Plug is one of the smallest in the market, conveniently fitted on extension power strips, narrow corners and hard to reach areas behind cabinets.

Get notified

Let your house keep an eye for you. Our Smart Sensors such as Door and Window Sensor and Motion Sensor send an alert to your smartphone when they detect any movements and entries. Your family members under the same Kyla app account receive the same notification too.

Remote Control

All the devices can be controlled via the Kyla app, available on iOS and Android. Whether it is switching it on or off, or setting schedules, or simply checking the status, it all can be done on the Kyla App, even when you are away. Our Smart Station shines in this area, as it allows you to control your IR appliances such as TV, fan and air conditioner through the Kyla App.

Get More Control with Kyla App